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بیوگرافی گای کیسترنینو Guy Cisternino

گای کیسترنینو

این بدنساز عضو تیم بدنسازی BSN است .

مختصری از بیوگرافی :

Athlete Stats
March 21, 1982
Paterson, NJ
202 lbs.
BSN® Outside Sales Rep for NJ / IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Favorite BSN® Products
Upcoming Appearance
Athlete Bio

After years of dreaming of being a competitive bodybuilder, Guy finally stepped onstage in 2003, still unsure of his full potential. After a few years of competing on the local NPC level, he decided in 2005 to take his career to the next level. After taking a year and a half off from 2005-2007, Guy returned to the stage to win another local show, then went on to win a Jr. National show a few weeks later. This success led to his first attempt to secure a pro card at the 2007 Nationals, where Guy came in a close second to Jose Raymond. After taking another year off to work on his physique, Guy focused his sights on the 2008 Nationals and came in better than ever, winning the stacked middleweight class and earning his place as a new IFBB pro.

Guy then took some more time off to gather himself and pack on some size for the newly introduced 202 class. Making his pro debut in 2010, Guy’s rookie year fell short of his own expectations as he finished sixth at the Europa Battle of Champions and then fifth at the Europa SuperShow. Hardly a bad start to his pro career, but Guy was nonetheless unsatisfied. After deciding to team up with old friend and fellow IFBB pro Fakhri Mubarak, Guy put in a tremendously productive offseason and then took second place at the 2011 IFBB Jacksonville Pro, weighing in at 202 lbs on the button after having competed at 186 lbs in 2010. A week later he was right back onstage and took first place at the 2011 Europa SuperShow for his first career pro win. Guy followed that up with what he calls “a dream come true,” taking the stage with the best of the best at the 2011 Olympia 202 Showdown!

As one of the youngest competitors in the sport today, Guy has yet to achieve his full potential and continues to strive to get better and better. And with the 202 class increasing to 212 in 2012, he now has an additional 10 lbs to work with as he continues to grow into his physique. With the help of BSN® and their outstanding products, Guy is excited to see what the future holds for him as he continues to pull double duty representing BSN® to the world.

People think in this industry how you look, what you eat, how much you can lift is the end-all be-all. Maybe to the average “Joe” bodybuilder it may be true, and then something happens that will forever change your life. There is a poem that talks about being at a loved one’s funeral and describing their life. It says, “He noted that first came the date of her birth and spoke of the following date with tears, but he said what mattered most of all, was the dash between those years. ”

For the past few months my wife has asked me on a few occasions to sign a picture for one of her students’ boyfriends. Of course I always love doing anything I can for fans, no matter the task, big or small, but throughout the daily routine I forgot on numerous occasions to put the sharpie to the picture and sign it. But then something happened; I read about a young 22-year-old kid that Evan Centopani went to visit in a town not far from mine, who was suffering from a rare form of heart cancer. The cancer being so rare, the 22-year-old needed a life-saving surgery, a heart transplant. Without the transplant he might not live to see his 23rd birthday. As I read in awe about the courage of this young man, I was inspired by the measures that Evan went through to put a smile on a dying kid’s face. Ironically the day I read about this was the same day my wife told me the person she had been asking me to sign a picture for was the kid I just read about online. She did not know of his condition either because his girlfriend never spoke of it; she just asked periodically for a signed picture of me for him.

I never felt as great a need to do something for someone as I did that moment. I got on my phone and sent out a mass text message to all my close friends that are IFBB pros. Too many to name, but over 20 guys and girls all responded to it in a timely fashion. I told them of the story of Chris (the 22-year-old) and asked them to send me anything they could to help lift his spirits in his time of distress. I received shirts, DVDs, signed pictures, even a signed Cardillo weight belt, along with all the paraphernalia I added in a signed baseball cap, some pictures, and a signed magazine of a spread I was in. I wanted to bring this to him as soon as I could, but unfortunately it was too late – for once being late was a good thing. By the time I received all the items and pictures, I found out that morning that Chris was found a heart donor and was in surgery within a few hours for a heart transplant. As excited as I was for Chris to finally have a new heart and to possibly be cancer-free, I also found out that the success rate is very slim, the procedure had only been done a few times with the type of cancer Chris has and the survival rate that the heart would fully take and the cancer would go into remission was even slimmer. The one thing that Chris had going into this was that, heart or no heart, he was the most confident, headstrong, positive person and no matter the adversity set forth in front of him, nothing was impossible.

A week after the surgery, I found out that Chris was doing well and things were going better than expected and he would be home in time for Christmas. Knowing that, I wanted to go and visit Chris as soon as I knew he was able to have visitors and was feeling better after the 24-hour surgery he had undergone. So today, December 29, 2012, I went and surprised Chris in his parents’ home in Warren, NJ, only nine miles from where I live. I walked in and his eyes lit up like I have never seen on a person before, and with a quick hello and hug, we sat on his couch and literally talked for over two hours about his life, bodybuilding; he asked about my career and competitive lifestyle, not knowing all I wanted to know was how a 22-year-old kid who just underwent a life-saving surgery gave a crap about me, but that shows the character of this young man. He loves bodybuilding, he loves working out, loves everything about what it means to be a bodybuilder, and that really opened my eyes to a lot. With a scar that went from his upper chest all the way down to his belly button, the only thing he cared about was getting back in the gym and hopefully on stage, and it really made me not only smile but made my bodybuilding career a successful one. We all bitch and moan about dieting, how much cardio sucks, how much we hate working 9-5 jobs, because we have never been faced with such adversity in our lives as Chris did. It brings to light that no matter how bad you think you have it, you might never have it as bad as a normal kid who came home from school one day with a pain in his lat that turned out to be almost the end of his life. This goes to show that no matter what life throws at you, there is nothing that you can’t overcome; Chris is living proof of that. #survivor

برنامه غذایی :

        Meal 1
            10 oz steak
            1/3 cup cream of rice
            2 oz almonds
        Meal 2
            10 oz chicken
            1 cup white rice
            1 cup black beans
            1 cup string beans
            1 Tbsp olive oil
        Meal 3
            10 oz chicken
            10 oz yams
            1 Tbsp olive oil
            1 cup green beans
        Meal 4
            10 oz chicken
            1 cup white rice
            1 Tbsp olive oil
            Small salad
        Meal 5
            10 oz chicken
            1/3 cup cream of rice
            2 oz almonds
            1 cup asparagus
        Meal 6
            10 oz chicken
            1 cup asparagus
            2 scoops N.O.-XPLODE™ 2.0 or 1 scoop HYPER FX™
            50 g carbs mixed with 1 scoop AMINO X™
            3 scoops SYNTHA-6™, 100 g carbs
            30 min. later - 2 scoops CELLMASS®
        Before bed
            2 scoops CELLMASS®
            This is Guy's 2011 offseason diet

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بیوگرافی ریچ گاسپاری Rich Gaspari

ریچ گاسپاری

Rich Gaspari
came out of New Jersey in the early 80's to take the bodybuilding world by storm and nearly won his debut pro show, the 1985 NOC, at only 22. He     brought incredible mass and even more incredible definition to the stage and was Haney's main obstacle on his road to the Olympia throughout the mid-80's. Rich is now an IFBB judge.

مسابقاتی که ریچ در آن شرکت کرده :

1983 Jr. Nationals
1984 NPC Nationals (Lt. Hvywt.)
1984 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Lt. Hvywt.)
1986 IFBB L.A. Pro Championships
1986 IFBB World Pro Championships
1987 French Grand Prix
1987 IFBB German Grand Prix
1988 IFBB French Grand Prix
1988 IFBB German Grand Prix
1988 IFBB Italian Grand Prix
1988 IFBB Spanish Grand Prix
1989 IFBB Arnold Classic

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بیوگرافی پاکو باتیستا Paco Bautista

پاکو باتیستا

مختصری از بیوگرافی :

Born: March 12, 1971
Birthplace: Barcelona, SPAIN
Residence: Barcelona, SPAIN
Nickname: El Toro
Height: 5' 7" (175 cm)
Competition Weight: 269 lbs (122 kg)
Off Season Weight: 1286 lbs (130 kg)
Arms: 23" (59 cm)
Chest: 53" (135 cm)
Waist: 37,5" (95 cm)
Thighs: 31" (79 cm)
Calves: 21" (53 cm)

 Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Francisco "Paco" Bautista (nickname "El Toro") was born Match 12, 1971. He has competed in the highest echelons of American bodybuilding by placing 20th in the 2002 Mr. Olympia and 16th in the 2006 Mr. Olympia.

Before entering the professional scene in the United States, Paco Bautista was reigning in the European circuit by placing first in two competitions in 1999, The European Amateur Championships and The World Amateur Championships.

After entering the IFBB pro ranks, Paco has found himself on stage with some of the biggest names in the sport at some of the biggest venues it has to offer. With 2 Olympia appearances and two titles at the 2006-2007 IFBB Grand Prix Spain -  Santa Susanna Pro, with his dominating lower body, Paco only shows signs of continuing to climb the ladder of the IFBB.

In the United States he placed 3rd in the Night of Champions competition in 2002 before competing for the first time in the Mr. Olympia competition later that year.

مسابقات پاکو باتیستا :

1999 - IFBB European Amateur Championships
1999 - IFBB World Amateur Championships
2006 - IFBB Santa Susanna Pro
2007 - IFBB Santa Susanna Pro
2002 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 20th
2006 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : did not place
2007 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : did not place
2010 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : did not place

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بیوگرافی سمیر بانوت Samir Bannout


مختصری از بیوگرافی :

Born: November 7, 1955

Birthplace: Beirut, LEBANON

Residence: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Nickename: The Lion of Lebanon

Height: 5' 7" (172 cm)

Competition Weight: 198 lbs (90 kg)

Off Season Weight: 216 lbs (98 kg)

Arms: 20,5"

Calves: 19"

Waist: 29,5"

Three months before Christmas 1983, Samir Bannout flexed his "decorated" lumbar region in Munich, West Germany, for the IFBB Mr. Olympia judges. Since then, the high definition found in a muscular lower back has been called a "Christmas tree". Known as the "Lion of Lebanon" because of his birthplace (Beirut, Lebanon), Samir roared into America in 1974 and settled first in Detroit.  In that city, he was crowned 1978 Mr. Michigan.

In 1979, he won the Best in the World event and the light-heavyweight division of the IFBB World Amateur Championships. The latter win bequeathed him an IFBB pro card, and he made his debut (also in 1979) at the Canada Pro Cup, by which time he had moved to Venice, California.

Bannout’s IFBB pro career spanned 53 contests; his 11 attempts at the IFBB Mr. Olympia are a record among those who have won the title as he did in 1983. His last win was the 1990 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational, and the final sighting of Samir in contest mode was at the 1996 IFBB Masters Olympia where he finished in sixth place. His pro career had endured for 17 years.

The Lion always was and still is renowned as one of bodybuilding’s more entertaining characters. His ability to mix quotes with poses never left the industry’s writers disappointed. Today, Samir lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children and pursues several business interests, including the marketing of the supplement company Bannout Nutrition.

مسابقات سمیر بانوت :

1979 - IFBB Best in the World (Amateur)

1979 - IFBB World Championships (Lt Hvy)

1983 - IFBB Mr. Olympia

1985 - WABBA World Championship

1986 - WABBA World Championship

1990 - IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational

1980 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 15th

1981 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 9th

1982 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 2nd

1983 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 1st

1984 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 6th

1988 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 8th

1989 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 9th

1990 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 8th

1991 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : did not place

1992 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : did not place

1994 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : did not place

1996 - IFBB Masters Olympia : 6th

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بیوگرافی آرون بکر Aaron Baker

آرون بکر

مختصری از بیوگرافی :

Born: November 9, 1960

Birthplace: California, USA

Residence: Marna Del Rey, California, USA

Nickname: Batman, Dark Angel

Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)

Competition Weight: 245 lbs 

 Aaron Baker was born on November 11, 1960 in California, USA. His Bodybuilding career began in the '80s. As a relatively young man flashed at competitions: 1981 Junior Mr USA - AAU, Light-HeavyWeight, where he placed fifth positions.

Was married to Annika, divorced in 1999. Aaron likes to draw cartoons (he was a cartoonist). Aaron was initially with the WBF, who had the character nickname 'Dark Angel'. He could not use the nickname 'Batman' because of legal ramifications.

The WBF failed. Aaron come into the IFBB with what he considers a black eye, from a rival league which was the WBF. He left that because of that, the judges during his bodybuilding career have penalized him, thus scoring him lower than he deserved. After the 1998 Mr. Olympia, Aaron retired from bodybuilding.

In subsequent years, has appeared in many national and international competitions. He gained the Top Ten placement in the Mr. Olympia 1995 (9th place). Aaron stopped practicing professional bodybuilding in 1998 to once again return in 2003 during the competition Ironman Pro Invitational where he took eighth place.

Contests include the 1990 NPC USA 1st; 1993 Night of Champions 12th; 1994 Ironman Pro 3rd; 1994 Mr. Olympia 12th; 1994 Arnold Classic 6th; 1995 Ironman Pro 2nd; 1995 South Beach Pro 2nd; 1995 Mr. Olympia 9th; 1995 Arnold Classic 6th; 1996 Mr. Olympia 11th; 1997 Ironman Pro 4th; 1997 Arnold Classic 9th; 1998 Ironman Pro 3rd; 1998 Arnold Classic 7th; 1998 Mr. Olympia 14th; 2003 Ironman Pro 8th;

Baker has appeared in movies as "Repossessed", "Predator II", "Sister Act II", "Whatever it Takes", and several Pro Wrestling matchs in the Cyberfights Series.

مسابقات آرون بکر : 

1990 - NPC USA Championships
1994 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 12th

1995 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 9th

1996 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 11th

1998 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 14th

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